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Aluna Behaviour Consultancy Newsletter 16 - July 2023 

Fabulous Fundraising

13th July 2023 was the fabulous Ghana School Scholarship Fundraising Event. The venue sits in the grounds of Soho House, the beautiful Georgian home of the Birmingham industrialist Matthew Boulton and the event  took place at on the ground floor of the museum.

Ghana School Scholarship frontpage.png

I met Nurudeen in 2019 when I volunteered as a teacher in Ghana and made a visit to Larabanga, in northern Ghana, the village he lives in with his family. The fund was set up in 2022 and Nurudeen started his education at Modern Preparatory School, a boarding school in the Savannah Region.

Nurudeen is now 16 and wishes his education to continue. With the backing of his school and family he wants to train to become a teacher. After just one year of formal schooling he is doggedly determined to reach this goal and, based on the progress he has made so far, he is very likely to achieve his dream.

Sonia at GSSFE.jpg
Me Helen and Sharon.jpg
Annetta at GSSFE_edited.jpg

Sonia and Annetta spent generously, bought textbooks and gave a donation from their charity Friends of Brandon Hill who support children in need in Jamaica. see their Facebook page.

The Ghana School Scholarship Fundraising event was great. There was a fantastic energy and it raised £362.44 from donations, the silent auction and mystery prize draw, more than a term's fees!! Thanks go to the donators, organisers and friends for their generosity and support. A follow up online fundraiser is planned later in the year, so to keep funds coming in, the Ghana School Scholarship Fund is now registered with Easyfundraising.

It's simple and is FREE!! Companies have pledged their support by giving a small amount for each online payment. You just have to sign up on the Easyfundraising website!!

This is all you need to do:

  1. Go to: The Ghana School Scholarship Fund - Zelpher Ferguson Fundraising | Easyfundraising

  2. Go to 'sign up to support this cause'.

  3. Create an account.

  4. Click to add the donation reminder to your browser.

  5. Go to any of your favourite online stores, click to add a donation and shop as usual.

Yes, it really is that simple - and it won't cost you a penny!!

Ghana School Scholarship for Easyfunding.jpg

This year I want to set up a scholarship for a girl from the village of Larabanga as well. Please support this very worthwhile cause and tell all your friends too!!

Thank you.

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