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Building Resilience: Professionals Training

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Tuesday 29th November 2022 at 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

This training is suitable where children in Year 5 and above display patterns of behaviour consistent with an inability to manage issues, conflicts and feelings.

It is particularly relevant where young people are known to have challenging lifestyles or difficult situations that influence their behaviour within an educational setting. The training provides professionals with theoretical support and practical strategies for building their resilience.

Whatever your professional role in a children-centred environment, this training will be beneficial for you, other staff and young people.

The aims are:

· To develop an understanding of the psychology of resilience and why it is important

· To have an awareness of the challenges for many children where resilience may be needed

· To have an understanding of the role of adults in the building children’s resilience

· To be equipped with skills to help children build their resilience

Cost: £25.00 per person for 3-hour training package delivered online via Zoom.

Training materials including slides, handouts and an evaluation form are provided for attendees.

Please click on the link below:

Professionals Training | Aluna Behaviour Consultancy ( and follow the guidance to book your place. Following this, training materials can be sent to you by email in preparation for the day's training.

Look forward to seeing you on 29th November!!

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