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Yesterday this boy started school

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Why is this significant? Nurudeen is 15 years old and lives in Larabanga which is a small village in Northern Ghana. I first met him in December 2018 when I visited Ghana as a volunteer teacher. Qualified teachers and learning resources are, at best, few and far between, but typically non-existent in these areas. On my visit Nurudeen told me that he wanted his education to be better. At the time I vowed to myself to do something to help him. Generating funding and Covid-19 has delayed this process, but yesterday our dreams came true. He has a scholarship at Modern Preparatory School in Savannah Region which is about 135 miles - a four hour journey - from his home and he'll be a boarder during term-time. The fees are approximately £900 per year. My intention is to make similar provision for a girl from the village as the community value education for girls too. If you can, please make a donation via the website Donations | Aluna Behaviour Consultancy (, your contribution will be much appreciated and I'll keep you updated on the children's progress.

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