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Help and support for anyone who wants to affect positive and permanent behavioural change for the better.

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Aluna Behaviour Consultancy launched on Friday 1st April 2022.

The fundamental objective of Aluna Behaviour Consultancy is to affect behavioural change for happier and calmer lives. My work is with children, families, adults and professionals giving practical support and insight, delivering specialist training, workshops and coaching opportunities. As a Behaviour Strategist I have a range of skills, comprehensive knowledge and expertise to provide specialist support in promoting positive and inclusive behaviour. Effective intervention at the earliest stage possible is key to breaking the cycle of behaviour dysregulation.

Identifying, understanding and addressing issues for children, young people and adults provides effectual strategies for managing undesired behaviours. Skills can be developed to recognise triggers and regulate emotions effectively. Individualised programmes for those demonstrating behavioural issues and for enhancing emotional intelligence, wellbeing and mental health have been developed. This approach has had a positive impact on addressing persistent disruptive behaviour and has been successful in changing the outcome for young people at risk of exclusion.

Behavioural traits associated with Autism, Asperger's and ADHD can be explored to identify sensory differences and the unique needs of each person. My areas of specialism include provision for neurodivergent young people effectively with positive strategies for self-regulation. This includes working closely with schools, pupils, parents and adult clients to diminish the impact of undesired behaviours and celebrate the positive qualities. Fostering wholly inclusive and anti-racist practice in all sectors of the education system is very much at the heart of Aluna Behaviour Consultancy.


Understanding the Origins of Behaviours

There is motivation in every behaviour, conscious or not. We are born with two innate reflexes: instinctive reactions to falling and loud noises. As we mature these reflexes become naturally occurring behaviours. We learn how these occurrences look, how they make us feel and what we can do to avoid them wherever possible.

The same can’t be said for a fear of the dark, heights or spiders. So how have these behaviours come about? Why are they experienced by so many people? Why do some people have such extreme reactions to these events or even just the concept of them? How might these learned behaviours develop into debilitating phobias?

Knowing where issues with our behaviour start is the key to addressing, modifying and endeavouring to make positive steps to eliminating negative behaviours. Where physiological, psychological, neurological or emotional factors are present, understanding the triggers is of great value in accepting and affecting permanent change.

Many households experienced stress due to Covid-19 and the lockdown periods. Sadly this has led to increased conflict, aggression and physical harm. Domestic abuse can be inflicted by any family member and, increasingly, there are school-age children needing support who have been violent to their siblings and in some cases their parents. There are extensive levels of traumatic stress caused and exacerbated by the pandemic which it will be necessary to address ... and sooner rather than later.

Please explore the website to find out more about what I can do to help. For a free 30-minute mini-consultation to discuss your needs, book an appointment here:

Zelpher Ferguson, B.Ed. Honours

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