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Autism Spectrum Condition


Whilst the majority of my work is via mainstream schools in the UK, some is directly with families. From my experience in Behaviour Support and in Elective Home Education I have met many children who have sadly been defined by their special needs alone. Educators in school have often said they would just like the child to "do what everyone else is doing" which is unhelpful when working with children who have ASC.


I'm working with:

  • Children who have ASC to regulate their emotions and reactions to change, over-stimulation and other triggers

  • Parents to be well-informed and have professionals and other parents to talk with

  • School staff and other professionals to help understand the traits associated with ASC, but also the idiosyncrasies of each individual child.


Professional support for families with a child who has ASC can be costly and a long drawn out process. Therefore, I'm offering practical, hands-on support to parents at a reduced cost.  In order for these families to receive the help needed there is the opportunity to have subsidised support provided.  Therefore, I have established a dedicated page for donations to a family fund for children with ASC.

A contribution to the family fund would be much appreciated. I'll give regular updates in my blog about the work I'm able to do with your donations.


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Children's Education in Ghana


The Ghanaian education system is divided into three parts: basic education, secondary education and tertiary education. The academic year usually goes from August to May and lasts 40 weeks in primary and senior high school, and 45 weeks in junior high school. Lessons are taught primarily in English.

This provision can only be accessed by children in cities and major towns in Ghana. I visited the villages of Mpraeso in the south and Larabanga in the north; approximately 375 miles apart. In neither of these villages was formal education provided, the school was very basic and there is often no teacher if volunteers from other parts of the world don't visit.


While volunteering in Ghana in 2019 I met a 13 year-old boy called Nurudeen who said: "Madam, I would like my education to be better. There are too many children and nothing to learn with. In the rainy season the village floods and the teacher can't come. So I just wait." I made a personal vow that at the very least I would try to help Nurudeen to achieve what he wants most in his young life. 


On 28th March 2022 Nurudeen turned 15 and he can finally go to school. Modern Preparatory School in Savannah Region is four hours drive from his home and he will be a boarder. I pay his school fees and expenses of approximately £1000 per year. Next year I'm returning to Ghana to visit Nurudeen and see how his education is going. I hope to set up more scholarships for children just like him.


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Donate to the ASC Family Fund or Ghana Scholarships and help to make a difference

Thank you for your donation!

It would be great to link these two areas in the future with children in the UK and Ghana making contact and learning about each others' lives.

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