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Overview of Training offered to Schools, Academies and Professionals


These training packages and workshops have been developed for a range of aspects of behaviour management in schools and academies.  They are designed to address a variety of issues which are applicable to a wide range of school-based staff, pupils and parents. 



1. CDI Strategy 

The course offers an opportunity to use the CDI (Choice, Decision, Instruction) Strategy to address low-level and medium-level behaviour issues.  Children benefit from understanding basic concepts that will help with making the right decisions and choices. Following instructions will enable them to focus on necessary skills for successful interaction with adults and children in the school, and home, environment.  This strategy establishes a simple, whole-school structure for promoting these concepts. Aims of the training: 

  • To establish the purpose of the strategy 

  • To identify and use appropriate language and terminology 

  • To demonstrate understanding of the concepts 

  • To apply learning to practical situations in the classroom, school and home 

2. ​De-escalation Techniques

De-escalation is a targeted intervention for children who are likely to escalate low-level incidents into aggressive or dangerous behaviour.  It is carried out by a staff member using calm, non-threatening verbal communication, gestures and body language to diffuse, re-direct, or de-escalate a situation during which there is conflict.  This training gives experience of using the techniques effectively to reduce the likelihood of incidents escalating into extreme situations involving inappropriate behaviour. Aims of the training: 

  • To recognise when children are anxious and in need of support with calming strategies 

  • To practise techniques and strategies for de-escalation and addressing extreme situations

  • To be aware of the situations in which children benefit from help to de-escalate their behaviour  


3. Positive Behaviour for Effective Learning

The training offers staff members the opportunity to consider the learning environment and its effects for children with dysregulated behaviour. Participants consider the ideal environment and how it is possible to realistically adapt their current setting to optimise effective learning.  Barriers to learning are explored in order to reduce the impact of behaviour that challenges and demonstrate effective responses to address disruptive incidents.  Participants are able to formulate a clear framework to support pupils in achieving their behavioural goals.  Aims of the training: 

  • To appreciate the impact of a positive learning environment 

  • To develop strategies to support children with particular needs affecting their behaviour 

  • To identify the actions staff should use consistently when a pupil is becoming anxious or agitated

  • To use knowledge of children’s identified needs in order to consider specific behaviour goals for those children


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