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Professionals Training and Behaviour Coaching

In addition to the settings-based training and workshops available, a 3-hour online training session for professionals is offered each half-term. You may be a teacher or support assistant from a school seeking some individual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or a staff member from a different service. If you're a social worker, school nurse, family support worker or another role working with children, young people and their families, scroll down to book onto this training.





De-escalation: Professionals Training 

De-escalation is a targeted intervention for children who are likely to escalate low-level incidents into aggressive or dangerous behaviour.  It is carried out by a staff member using calm, non-threatening verbal communication, gestures and body language to diffuse, re-direct, or de-escalate a situation during which there is conflict.  This training gives experience of using the techniques effectively to reduce the likelihood of incidents escalating into extreme situations involving inappropriate behaviour. 


The aims are: 

· To recognise when children are becoming anxious and in need of support with calming strategies 

· To be aware of the situations in which children may benefit from help to de-escalate their behaviour 

· To practise techniques and strategies for de-escalation and managing extreme situations

Cost: £145.00 per person for 3-hour training package delivered online via Zoom.  

Training materials including slides, handouts and an evaluation form are provided for attendees.

Please scroll down to book your place.



Building Resilience: Professionals Training 

The training is for professionals working with children who display patterns of behaviour consistent with an inability to manage issues, conflicts and feelings. It can be used with small groups or whole classes of children and adapted for any year group. It is particularly relevant where pupils are known to have challenging lifestyles or difficult situations outside of school that influence their behaviour within school. The training provides staff with theoretical support and practical strategies for building pupils’ resilience.   

The aims are: 

· To develop an understanding of the psychology of resilience and why it is important 

· To have an awareness of the challenges for many children for which resilience may be needed 

· To have an understanding of the role of adults in the building children’s resilience 

· To be equipped with skills to help children build their resilience 

Cost: £145.00 per person for 3-hour training package delivered online via Zoom.  

Training materials including slides, handouts and an evaluation form are provided for attendees.

Please book your place using the booking form below ... 


Behaviour Coaching

This is delivered on a one-to-one basis and is tailored to the needs of the participant. It will include positive approaches and strategies that will help to affect permanent behavioural change and improve pupils' behaviour in school. Coaching opportunities include


· Attachment and Nurture

· Behaviour for Learning

· Seeing Beyond Disguised Compliance

· The Profile of a Looked After Child

· Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning


Cost: £85.00 per person for 1-hour of coaching including handouts and an evaluation form for attendees.

Longer, additional or bespoke sessions can be booked if requested.

Please email me for a bespoke coaching programme: 

Professionals Training Booking Form
£85.00 per person

£145.00 per person


Thank you for booking!

Should you have any difficulties with making an online payment, please see Frequently Asked Questions

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