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Overview of Services


You may want to opt for one or more of these services or request a bespoke package of support for your setting:

  • Consultation Meeting

  • Bespoke requests for support

  • Hands-on work in educational settings

  • Learning Walk observing the impact of behaviour on pupils' learning

  • Detailed observations and analysis

  • Advisory discussion about Nurture Provision 

  • Working alongside Social Care, School Health, Early Help and other agencies

  • Staff development for all staff

  • Individual coaching, NQT/ECT support

  • Partnership working school-to-school support

  • In-class, individual or group support

  • PHSE sessions and assemblies

  • Parent and family support

  • Parent coaching and workshops delivered at home and/or school

  • Intensive support package

For details of training packages available see: Training | Aluna Behaviour Consultancy ( 

For details of workshops available see: Workshops | Aluna Behaviour Consultancy (

For anti-racist training available see: Anti-Racist Practice in Education | Aluna (

I look forward to working with you soon

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