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A warm welcome to you. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Aluna Behaviour Consultancy and the work that I do.  

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About Aluna Behaviour Consultancy

Aluna is a Kenyan word, meaning 'approach' as in 'welcome' or 'come to me'. The name represents important concepts in effecting lasting changes in behaviour to contribute to the happy and healthy lives of children, young people and adults. Among all of the positive outcomes, I strive for my work to enable those needing support to experience:

  • A advocacy

  • L liberty

  • U understanding

  • N nurturing

  • A aspiration

My Professional Experience

My work in education has spanned 36 years in the state sector, the independent sector and in business. This has been predominately teaching in primary schools in a number of local authorities around the country, but also in secondary schools, further education settings and delivering training and support to adult learners.


I have worked as an Advisory Teacher for Elective Home Education in two neighbouring local authorities in the West Midlands for nine years where I gained a valuable insight into the numerous ways in which children learn. I found that there are as many ways to home educate as there are children. I met parents who discovered creative and innovative ways of educating their children; it has been one of the most enlightening roles in my career.

During eight years as a Specialist Advisory Teacher for the Behaviour Support Service in two local authorities in the Black Country I provided schools with support for all aspects of positive behaviour management. In addition to whole school support, general classroom management, parental engagement and enhancing pupils’ behaviour for learning, I develop interventions for individual pupils demonstrating behavioural issues.

Specialist Training and Expertise

I have undertaken specialist training in:

  • Attachment

  • Child Advocacy

  • Child Criminal Exploitation

  • Child Protection

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Disguised Compliance

  • Domestic Abuse and Children

  • Dyslexia

  • Forensic Psychology

  • Leadership and Management

  • Nurture

  • Offender Profiling

  • Parent Mental Illness

  • Restorative Practice in Schools

  • Safeguarding

  • Support for Bereaved Children

  • Supporting Parents with Learning Difficulties

Additional Services

The majority of my work is via mainstream schools in the UK, funded from the schools' budget.  However, some of my work is directly with families, particularly where children display behaviours to be typical of Autism Spectrum Condition.  In order for these families to receive the help needed there is the opportunity to have subsidised support provided.  Therefore, I have established a dedicated page for donations to a family fund to provide subsidised support for children with Autism Spectrum Condition to help to meet their needs.

Autism Awareness

A diagnosis of autism can leave a family with more questions than answers.  Many parents suddenly find themselves facing a scary and uncertain future. Autism awareness training sessions on how autism can affect people’s lives are available from specialist services. Parents are signposted to information for families through the tough times and support that offers a helping hand along the way.

Children's Mental Health

Children need appropriate access to support for their emotional well-being and mental ill-health. Children and young people with mental health problems, their families and carers want timely access to evidence-based, high quality care in the right setting. Signposting to services and charities is provided.

The Emotional Impact of Covid-19

Children’s experiences of the pandemic and their socio-emotional wellbeing, language, and numeracy skills have been a subject of recent research. Results identified that the schools surveyed declared at the start of the school year that they were concerned about pupils' personal, social and emotional development, as well as their communication and language skills. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted most people in some way and parents have requested emotional support for the whole family. This is also offered subsided where possible.

My areas of expertise are:

  • ADHD

  • Anti-Racist Practice in Education

  • Autism Spectrum Condition

  • Building Resilience

  • Children’s Mental Health

  • Coaching Skills for Children

  • De-Escalating Behaviour

  • Diversity and  Equity

  • Dramatherapy and Visualisation

  • Emotional Well-being

  • Inclusive Practice

  • Leading Behaviour for Learning

  • Managing Risky Behaviours

  • Professional Coaching for Adults

  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Trauma Informed Practice

Aluna Behaviour Consultancy Provides

  • Pre-booked Consultation Meetings

  • A wide range of training packages delivered to schools, children, parents, groups and professionals

  • Bespoke training delivered during a morning, afternoon

       or twilight session at the end of the day

  • A choice of two or three hour training packages to suit the needs of your setting

  • Practical, hands-on work in schools and other educational settings

  • A Learning Walk around the setting observing the impact of behaviour on pupils' learning with a detailed report available

  • Advisory discussion about Nurture Provision 

  • Working alongside Social Care, School Health, Educational Psychologists, Early Help and other agencies

  • Contribution to Child Protection Case Conferences, Core Group Meetings and Review Meetings

  • Staff development opportunities for all staff or groups of staff

  • Group and individual coaching for staff

  • Partnership working with other settings to facilitate school-to-school support

  • In-class support for pupils

  • PHSE sessions and assemblies

  • Individual and small group pupil support

  • Parent and family support

Why Choose Aluna Behaviour Consultancy?

My work in the area of behaviour support has had a positive impact on managing persistent disruptive behaviour in schools, whole-school behaviour management approaches and intensive interventions for pupils; particularly children with Autism Spectrum Condition and those at risk of exclusion. As a consultant I have a range of skills, comprehensive knowledge and expertise to provide specialist and bespoke support for schools, families, professionals and adults in promoting positive and inclusive behaviour.

Don’t Just Take My Word for It

Schools and agencies who have benefited from learning about valuable behaviour management approaches continue to support this work.

Feedback from CDI  Strategy Training

I am just writing to say how very useful we have found the support that we have received. In addition, we have found the courses that have been on offer very beneficial, particularly the CDI Strategy Training. They have provided us with very useful tools for our behaviour management toolbox in school. I think we should celebrate loudly when something is working and proves to be of benefit. Keep up the good work! [Primary Headteacher]

You can read more testimonials here: Testimonials | Aluna (


Equally as important is my voluntary work, which has extended for 40 years with a number of charities and organisations both in the UK and overseas. This includes delivering training in emotional support for inmates in a Category B prison in the south of England, several weeks on an Elephant Conservation Project in Sri Lanka and four years  as a volunteer mentor to a young person with special needs leaving the care system into semi-independent living ..... to name but a few.


In 2018 I volunteered as a teacher in the remote villages of Mpraeso and Larabanga in Ghana. It was such a rewarding and humbling experience; one that will remain memorable during the rest of my career. Schools I knew well donated a range of teaching resources and equipment to the children, for which they were extremely thankful and proud. It was possible to see at first hand the children’s eagerness to learn and the challenges faced by teachers in providing an appropriate education with very limited or no resources.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Aluna Behaviour Consultancy. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information and I  look forward to working with you very soon. 


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