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De-escalation Training

I thoroughly enjoyed the session, was reassuring that my own methods mirrored what I was hearing. Has been a long time since I have attended training on Behaviour so was great to bring knowledge and skills up to date. Delivered well, easy to listen to Zelpher, time went really quickly. Good to have the slides and handouts so I can go back to information along with my own notes. [Julie H.]  

Consultation Meeting

It's so good to talk with you. You have a way of reminding me that I'm doing a good job, even when I think I'm not. Thank you for your patience, your honesty and for caring about our children and staff. [Head of School]

Networking Event

I too felt so moved by your presentation Zelpher Ferguson and several connections sprang to mind so once we know more about how we can help your vital work I’ll be ready to share them with you. You’re an inspiration to us all in how you keep going with all that you do and all the vision you have for bettering the lives of so many young people and their families. Thank you. [H.C.] 😊

CDI Training and Staff Support

I am just writing to say how very useful we have found the support that we have received. In addition, we have found the courses that have been on offer very beneficial, particularly the CDI Strategy Training. They have provided us with very useful tools for our behaviour management toolbox in school. I think we should celebrate loudly when something is working and proves to be of benefit. Keep up the good work! [Primary Headteacher]

School Staff Member

I’d love to get you involved with (new school) at some point as I always found your support really beneficial. I’ll have a chat with the Head and see what we can do. [Deb M.]

Business Colleague

You always have something positive to say, Zelpher. [Jacqui L.]

Business Contact

Your range of skills and expertise is awesome.  [Alison T.]

Business Contact

Such a wonderful and valuable service you are providing. [Em L.]❤️

National Networking Presentation

Zelpher was our speaker at WBN this morning. What Zelpher shared set off a huge array of emotions in us all; inspiration, shock, sadness, anger and many more!!! Zelpher has been a teacher and working with children for 30 years her CV of knowledge and experience is extensive and very impressive. Zelpher you are an amazing inspirational lady who has made a difference to many children here and overseas - keep doing what you are doing and know you have the whole WB community by your side. [Sharon L.]

Child and Family Support

You have done so much for T - I can't thank you enough. When I think about how long I've been trying to get help for him it makes me mad. But since you've been helping him things have got better. He's making progress in class, he only has a few meltdowns sometimes. I've rung the places you told me about and am getting support for me too. And T loves his weighted blanket - it worked. I have a job waking him up some mornings. [V.T.] 😂

Individual Support

When you do work with me it's good, it's like fun. You help me with my feelings and it makes sense in my head. My nan and my teacher said that my behaviour is not as bad as before because I know how to use the calming down things you taught me. I like it when you come and you bring fun things for me to do and I can learn with them as well. I feel different when something makes me sad and angry now, I don't start kicking off. I play with my friends better and I can tell them how I'm feeling if they do something that isn't fair. 😊 [J.B. Aged 10]

Family Support with EHCP Application

You'll be sick of our family, the amount of time you've spent helping us. Lol. No really me and the kids want to say thank you so much now we know what we need to do and the people we have to talk to. M has drawn you a picture, I'll email it in a minute. I don't know what we'd do if it not for your help. [S.C. Parent]

Primary School Learning Mentor

I think the training was great, presented well with real life questioning and task. Easy to put it into practice. [C.B.]

Primary School Pastoral Leader

We completed the 3 hour de-escalation training for professionals with Zelpher. The training had balanced content of theory and practice and we all finished  with a clear idea in de-escalating pupils that may be struggling to manage their emotions. [Jaz K.]

Assistant Head

The case studies helped give direction. The de-escalation strategies are child-centred. Zelpher offers a supportive approach, shared with experiences to fully understand the impact of effective de-escalation. This will be welcomed in our school. I want to say a huge thank you for sharing your expertise and experiences through de-escalation. I feel incredibly moved and invigorated for initiating change in the way we interact with our pupils. I know this is a long standing connection. Once again, thank you so much, I gained a great deal from your course. [Lorraine A.]

Support Staff Training

I was happy with the training. I have learned about how to deal with challenging behaviour to keep connection with children with challenging behaviour by talking to them and praising them when they do something good to make sure they feel welcome. [R.E.]

School Staff Member

I really enjoyed the training today. Zelpher was very informative and expressed everything clearly. She helped us to reflect on our own experiences and gave good advice on how to progress in our day-to-day interactions with the children. I learned a lot. [N.D.]

School Training

Lots of good ideas from personal experience and delivered well. I would have liked more time. [Michelle S.]

Year 5 Teacher

Appreciate you giving me Behaviour Coaching. With my secondary teaching, some of the behaviour I'm dealing with every day is new to me and I've been struggling to build relationships with my class. Thought it would be awkward with your in-class style, but it works! Can see why you're the Behaviour Detective, even my most challenging child warmed to you by the time you left. Thanks Zelpher [Max G.]

Business Colleague

I had an hour or so in the delightful company of Zelpher Ferguson who specialises in supporting those who want to see changes in their own behaviour or of those around them, largely in the world of education. Zelpher works with children, young people and adults both remotely and in person. She also has set up a sponsorship programme for a boy in Ghana and hopes to extend this in the future.. I look forward to potentially collaborating with you on some fundraising for this project Zelpher. [Helen C.]


Thank you so much for your time today, it was great to talk with you and to receive your advice and knowledge. Thank you also for these links, I will have a good look at them. Considering I knew nothing about any of this just a few weeks ago, I’m on a huge learning curve and feel very honoured and grateful that the right people are coming into my life at the right moments. Your excellence, your persona & your extensive knowledge will carry you through. Thank you Zelpher from the bottom of my heart for your support so far. [Sarah G.]

Training Co-ordinator

Zelpher Ferguson is so passionate about what she does  and so very committed. I would recommend any company owner or HR manager to speak to her about their own business diversity practices. Her knowledge and experience in this field is extensive and she is the ultimate professional.  [G.P]


I highly recommend Zelpher Ferguson who is not only a fountain of knowledge but knows the school system inside out from all angles. She works in and with schools, parents and kids and is the most wonderful lady. [S.G.]

Primary Carer

Thank you. You seem to be working wonders. She really likes the time you spend with her. [A.M.]

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