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Newsletter Number 26, May 2024
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The Very Merry Month of May

My May newsletter is long overdue, just because there was so much going on in the merry month that it was. Rather than rely on my memory – so unreliable it is sometimes thanks to the menopause!!  – I’ve included some of the content of my LinkedIn posts of the most memorable events.


A lot happened in those 31 days, particularly at the conferences I attended. They’re always enjoyable because of the opportunity to network and connect with people you may not otherwise have met. However, when the content of the conference resonates with you and stays I your thoughts for some time afterwards; that’s what makes the difference.


There is so much to say about all these events, but I’ll share the edited highlights.

Our People.jpeg

2nd May: The STOP! Conference: (Stop Traumatising Our People)

A brilliant day of insight, solidarity, allyship and belonging. Despite the stories of traumatisation, discrimination and fear, it was a truly uplifting day that brought hope for the future. I promoted the little black book entitled "AKIP: Applied Knowledge Is Power", subtitled "The Handbook for the BEAM Community when Interacting with the Police". 


The conference was a joint initiative to bring communities together through a restorative approach. There were a number of excellent workshops and powerful speakers. It was also a great opportunity to meet and network with organisations working tirelessly towards the same cause.


7th May: Great Community Groups – Final session of three

I don't often think about the way in which I think. The session were enlightening and  thought-provoking, including the concept of the "thinking environment" for community-based groups. It was also a good opportunity to network and meet up with some professionals I knew.

14th May: Empowered Black Women - Online

It was such an uplifting event. I'd had a really challenging morning, so it was just what I needed to give me focus and feel grounded again.

15th May: Creating Safe Communities - Serious Violence VCS Briefing

Y and M Counselling - May 2024.jpeg

16th May: Parent Conference - You & Me Counselling

The Parents and Professionals Conference was held  in Hornchurch, Essex with the theme  "Exploring How Our Environment Shapes Who We Are and Who We Will Become". This was a fitting subject to address as so many young people are pulled in different directions by the influences in their lives - both actual and virtual.

Many are increasingly conflicted by their lived experiences of 'trends' and 'traditional' approaches to family life, education and social attachments. This affects their self-actualisation and the ability to achieve their full potential. Such challenges often play out in their behaviours and impacts on the relationships they have and will form in the future.

My presentation was about 'the value of early Intervention in supporting emotional wellbeing' which is very dear to my heart. Much of my work with early years settings and primary schools is about the prevention of undesirable behaviours and recognising the signs of potential issues as early as possible.

I have met adults whose exposure to adverse childhood experiences [ACEs] and lack of emotional support have shaped their behaviours in ways that have life-long consequences. With timely interventions the cycle of emotional and behavioural dysregulation can be broken.

It was an intimate but very good conference, predominantly attended by the staff of local schools. It was a good opportunity to share my experiences, both as a teacher and a behaviour strategist.


18th May: Building Mental Health Resilience

The Building Mental Health Resilience Conference was delivered by The Association of Jamaican Nationals (Birmingham) UK and Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust at Birmingham City University City South Campus. The focus of the day was the mental health needs and experiences of Black Caribbean, African and South Asian communities in the UK.

"People from minority communities are often diagnosed with severe mental health problems up to eight times more compared with the wider population. Moreover, these communities experience more restrictive measures within the health system, including being subjected to forensic services and locked wards."

There were a number of excellent speakers, chairs and hosts from the university, health, social care and the field of research in a mental health arena. The perspectives of each of these professionals shed a light on the trauma of ethnically minoritised groups leading to mental ill-health and their subsequent experiences of a system that further diminishes and dehumanises them. There were a number of stalls representing organisations that support the mental health needs of Black Caribbean, African and South Asian communities with information and resources. 


20th May: Leading DEIB Network Meeting

22nd May: SaferNow Practitioner's Forum 

My Exhibit - May 2024.jpeg
23rd May: Connection Counts Conference

It was an amazing conference with so much insight into the lived experiences of the speakers, particularly in the panel discussion. It was a great opportunity to network, meet so many LinkedIn connections in person and make those ever important connections. There were a few potential collaborations and a very apt theme for the conference.

The stories were so moving and  it was clear to see the amazing work many participants did. The day stirred my inner child and facilitated some healing that was needed. It was very inspiring to go out there and make new connections.

I've been to some excellent weekend conferences but it was by far the best one day conference I've attended. Each individual person's message - speakers and attendees -segued beautifully into the overarching theme. Clearly a lot of work went on behind the scenes and it flowed so seamlessly.

27th May: Website Development for your Small Business


... all of this as well as:

  • Updating my website (a work in progress – so it’s not ready for public consumption yet)

  • Working with my usual private clients

  • Some work with schools

  • Training I’ve delivered,

  • Training I’ve undertaken

  • My diploma course in Behavioural Psychology and Body Language Analysis

  • Writing a new training package entitled ‘Caring For Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Children’ - which was cancelled at short notice but a great opportunity to research the experiences of unaccompanied young care experienced young people.


So, a very busy month!!









As I'm already nearing the end of June, I'll endeavour to post it on time and look forward to the wonderful work this month brings!!

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