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Aluna Behaviour Consultancy
Newsletter Number 9, December 2022


December's newsletter is dedicated to the causes close to my heart that need support to keep offering the essential service that they do. This time of year is often about giving; including expensive gifts that are forgotten about after a few days. So, if you'd like to contribute to a more long-term legacy, please read on.


Ghana Scholarship Fund

Nurudeen is 15 years old and lives in Larabanga which is a small village in Northern Ghana. I first met him in December 2018 when I visited Ghana as a volunteer teacher. Qualified teachers and learning resources are, at best, few and far between, but typically non-existent in these areas. On my visit Nurudeen told me that he wanted his education to be better.

At the time I vowed to myself to do something to help him. Having to save up and Covid-19 delayed this process, but in May 2020 our dreams came true. He has a scholarship at Modern Preparatory School in Savannah Region which is about 135 miles, a four-hour journey from his home and he's a boarder during term-time. The fees I'm currently paying are approximately £900 per year.

My intention is to keep supporting Nurudeen with any further education options for him and to make similar provision for a girl from the village as the community value education for girls too. If you can, please make a donation, your contribution will be much appreciated and I'll keep you updated on the children's progress.

Donations | Aluna Behaviour Consultancy (

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The Children's Society

A national charity working to transform the hopes and happiness of young people facing abuse, exploitation and neglect. They support them through their most serious life challenges and campaign tirelessly for the big social changes that will improve the lives of those who need hope most. They've been doing this for 140 years and won't stop until a society is built where hope is alive in every child.

The Children's Society walks towards the young people that society crosses the road to avoid. They see something in these children, that something is hope. 

  • Hope for a happier home life, hope of getting a job, of getting away from the people who exploit and hurt them.

  • Hope of overcoming the obstacles modern life puts in front of them and hope that tomorrow can be better than today.

It's right there in the centre of every young person in Britain. Even those who have it toughest of all, those who are exploited, neglected, unsafe. They see it and they fight for it.

I first volunteered with The Children's Society 12 years ago and I'm thrilled to have completed my training to be a Guest Speaker and Community Ambassador for the charity. There'll be much more to come about the work of The Children's Society in next month's newsletter and ways to raise the profile of this vital organisation.​ In the meantime, if you're able to make a donation it would be much welcomed.

Donate | The Children's Society (

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The Samaritans

Their vision is that fewer people die by suicide. They help anyone who is going through a difficult time, whenever they're needed. People come from all backgrounds, all walks of life and volunteers listen and support them as they explore how they feel.

Suicide and self-harm is complex. People who are marginalised because of aspects of who they are, including their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race/ethnicity, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation; are more likely to face exclusion from society. This exclusion in turn can increase vulnerability to trauma and adversity, which are known risk factors for suicide and self-harm.

To genuinely address the causes of suicide and self-harm, there must be more practical action to challenge discrimination and injustice, working hand in hand with people affected by both. Listening is at the heart of Samaritans – this is a commitment to listen, learn and make genuine change.

I volunteered for the Samaritans in three branches over a period of 13 years. They are such a dedicated and committed team and need continued support at this time which is extremely challenging for a lot of young people and adults. If you can help by donating, please do.

Donate to Samaritans | Donations | Samaritans Charity Donations

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British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation funds around £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them. Heart diseases, stroke, vascular dementia and diabetes are all connected and they're all under the BHF microscope.

It’s estimated that one in 250 people worldwide are affected by inherited heart muscle diseases. For those people, and their families, the chances of their condition worsening can be a constant fear. Inherited heart muscle diseases can cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pains and blackouts. While they affect people of all ages, these diseases are also a leading cause of heart failure and sudden death in young people, and one of the main reasons for heart transplantation.  

Every week in the UK 12 people under the age of 35 die to sudden cardiac death. Too many families are living in fear that faulty genes could be passed down from generation to generation. That’s why they urgently need a cure to be found. Families also benefit from access to Heart Helpline for advice and support.

Heart disease has touched my family and, as a member of the British Heart Foundation I have fundraised to provide ongoing support and research for generations of my family to come. Your donations help to fund more ground breaking research. Help save and improve lives of families and loved ones by making a donation today. If you can help, please do.

Donate - help us power our life saving research | BHF - BHF

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As well as fundraising and donating to good causes, there are many other ways to help. Check out their websites to see how you can. Who knows, it may even become a 2023 resolution you keep!!

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