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A very special student

Updated: May 31, 2022

For what has felt like a very long week, I've been awaiting news of Nurudeen's first experiences of school. Here he is in his school uniform.

I've been assured that, although you can't tell from his expression, he's well and happy!! 😄

For the majority of us looking at these pictures, the school environment might appear basic, but this is the best attaining school in the region.

The children have desks, chairs, walls and a roof; all things that are non-existent in Nurudeen's home village. We may also be surprised at the 'vintage' desks and chairs, but a number of schools in the UK are also adopting this 'retro' look!!

I'm now awaiting his first visit from Ibrahim and just hope it's positive. It would be unrealistic to expect that he is top of the class within a few weeks; his classmates have a ten-year head start. As long as he's making progress, that's as much as I can hope for academically.

Emotionally and psychologically I want him to be living his best life. All of the usual things like building friendships, growing in confidence, exposure to new experiences, making special memories and so much more; these are what I'd like for him. For Nurudeen to aspire to college, university and gainful employment may be wishes - and we know they don't always come true - but I'm sure this experience will help to make him the best person he can be and for that I'm sooo proud. 💙

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