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Aluna Behaviour Consultancy Newsletter Number 15 - June 2023
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Two brand new workshops!!
This month's newsletter is very late and very brief, but I do have a valid excuse. It's been a really busy month including more work with schools, supporting a lovely family, more training, more networking and two new approaches to fundraising for the Ghana School Scholarship Fund - more news on that to follow.  

However, what has taken up my time in the last couple of weeks has been writing two new workshops. I've undertaken a number of neurodiversity training courses in the last year; all of it excellent. The reason for this is because they have all been delivered by trainers with lived experience - as autistic adults and ADHD-ers, the parent of neurodiverse children or other family members, friends and/or colleagues with lived experience of neurodiversity.

While I was teaching and working as a Specialist Advisory Teacher in three local authorities, I had a lot of practical experience of supporting children, families and school staff where behaviour issues were part of the symptoms for children. But I would never attempt to deliver autism or ADHD training myself!! As time has gone on, I've found myself advising and informing both parents and professionals of the truths - and busting the myths - about these conditions. It has been informative and enlightening for quite a few people recently; the feedback I've got has evidenced that.

With this in mind I have written two workshops from a behaviour perspective, rather than a clinical one:
Sensory Processing & Behaviour Workshop:
Supporting Autistic Children
Autism S P and B Front Page.jpg
ADHD Traits & Behaviour Workshop:
Identifying Sensory Needs & Supporting Self-Regulation
ADHD Traits Front Cover.png
Both workshops are suitable for staff and parents and can be adapted for older autistic children and those with ADHD. Each one is delivered in a 2-hour interactive session. They include practical information, guidance and advice for supporting neurodivergent children in school and each one finishes with a quiz. I'll also provide each delegate with a certificate of participation (not accredited I'm afraid) but it'll be impressive enough to add to any CPD portfolio!!

To book either workshop for your setting, to sign up for a Professionals Workshop session or a Parent's Workshop session, email me at: or via the contact page on the website.

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