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Newsletter Number 20, 
November 2023

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For the last year I've attempted to gather a circle of small businesses to network and collaborate to mutually support our work. The only stipulations: to be based in the West Midlands and support the wellbeing of children and young people. From my extensive networking activities, I know that these businesses exist and from my work with young people it is clear that services devoted to the social, emotional and educational needs of children in the West Midlands are in huge demand. My vision for this gathering is quite simple - for each business to be aware of each others' services to collaborate with, signpost to and learn from. Therefore, is this is what you want, Diverse Enterprise Hub is for you!!

The detrimental effect of the cost of living crisis and dearth of mental health services on the social and emotional needs and wellbeing of our young people is further compounded by the crises faced by schools. In addition, some small businesses and charities have been impacted significantly by the challenge of access to funds and previously established income streams. As the largest local authority in the UK, for those of us who are Birmingham-based are starkly aware of the "what you offer is just what we need, but we can't afford to pay for it" conversations. It's heart-breaking that our young people are being deprived of so many essential services on the basis of money!! 

These fantastic businesses and groups need showcasing and where better than a hub of specialist services supporting the young people who need us and providing entrepreneurial support for each other? Whether in the private, public or voluntary sector, I'd like to hear from you. I’ve come across many practitioners who  didn’t know about each other - even a number of whom pass like ships in the night on LinkedIn!!

Therefore, I’m on an endeavour to gather information from those small organisations  so that professionals like myself can signpost those in need and work in partnership with others to optimum effect. My intention is to circulate the existence of voluntary organisations, especially those experiencing the challenges of getting to “the new normal” and would benefit from a little more exposure to potential users of their services and reciprocal promotion opportunities. Diverse Enterprise Hub promotes services of benefit to the communities we live and work in to improve the lives of those within them. Fundamentally I’m reaching out to groups, teams and agencies in and around the Birmingham area who have specialist knowledge and skills of benefit to West Midlands youth.

I really hope you'll join with me on this. Once established, as a group we can make decisions about what we do and how we function. So, in the first instance contact me via LinkedIn, Facebook or X, on my website or by email at 


I look forward to some exciting opportunities in the future!!

West Midlands Violence Reduction Partner
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