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Alternative Income Stream

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

I had anticipated that it would take a little time for the business to be fully operational and have considered an alternative income stream. My course at university included linguistics and drama and as a teacher I've learned how to use my voice effectively.

So today I finally got round to setting up my home recording booth and will venture into the world of voice acting. My voice/accent has been described in the following ways:

  • Northern middle class

  • Indistinctive (of region)

  • Warm and smiley

  • Not Brummie (I'm from Birmingham)

  • The nicest speaking voice I've ever heard (bless him, he doesn't get out much!!)

I'm hoping that with a little practice I'll be able to use my voice acting skills to narrate a series of videos I'm planning for the business.

The field of voice acting is quite broad, including adverts, podcasts, audio books, animation, etc. Who knows, I might even be the voice behind something important. I'd quite like to be involved in ad campaign for a charity or similar cause. I'll have to wait and see ... 😊

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