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Don't Forget the Tissues!!

Year 6 Year 7 Transition Support

Now that SATs are over, you'll be thinking about your pupils leaving you for pastures new. This is their biggest milestone since starting school in the first place.

  • Do you remember the crisp newness of their uniform, the slightly too big school shoes (for them to grow into) and their scrubbed and polished look in the photograph during their first school year?

  • Are you a little sad that someone else will experience that in September? Or proud that you've prepared them for others to influence their lives herein?

  • Why does it always come as such a shock when you have your new intake and you realise what they can't do yet?!

Transition support is offered for Year 6 pupils in the summer term prior to their move to secondary education. It's a 90-minute light-hearted and metaphorical nod to the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” in the form of a short drama, poem and discussion.

Pupils are then given 40 situations in which they might find themselves before or during their first few weeks in Year 7 and they can add 10 more. Ongoing work with their class or year group enables them to find the solutions to the problems or dilemmas they may face, producing a "Survival Guide to Year 7" for them to refer to as they may need to.

The issues explored include:

  • Worries, fears and anxieties

  • Hopes, dreams and expectations

  • Resolving problems and dilemmas

  • Knowing when and where to go for help

If you're an educator or the parent of a Year 6 pupil, contact me at: or via the website contact page Contact | Aluna Behaviour Consultancy ( to arrange a session for your outgoing Year 6 children.

And don't forget to have the tissues ready!!

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