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Fabulous Free Eeeeeaaaasssy Fundraising!!

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Does such a thing exist?? Yes it certainly does!!

Easyfundraising is a way to generate funds for good causes without it costing you or your supporters a single penny!! Over 8,100 companies, shops and websites have signed up to donate to easyfundraising causes by giving a small amount for each online purchase. All of your usual online shopping sites will be on board - here's a list if you want to check:

If you'd like to make a regular donation to a very worthy cause without it costing you anything, you've come to the right place for a way that's simple and FREE!! So to contribute to the Ghana School Scholarship Fund - a cause that is very dear to my heart - this is all you need to do:

2. Click to add the donation reminder to your browser.

3. Go to any of your favourite online stores, click to add a donation and shop as usual.

Yes, it really is that eeeeeaaaasssy!!

Or even eeeeeaaaasssier than that, just scan the QR code below ...

So, if it's an air-fryer from Amazon, teabags from Tesco, or Zoolander merchandise from Zavvi ... get shopping online!! When you've signed up, just remember to activate the 'click to get donation' button each time you shop and Easyfundraising takes care of the rest.

Read more about helping the Ghana School Scholarship Fund:

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