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FREE webinars - Affecting Behavioural Change

I'm pleased to be able to deliver two more webinars to share with you about the work I'm doing. The services I offer have evolved over the last few months and I'm getting more interest from unexpected sources, meaning that I'm developing new sessions to reach more diverse groups and individuals. The webinars are at a time of day when most professionals and, hopefully, parents are able to join and learn about the support I'm providing.

These webinars explain how targeted emotional and behavioural support can make a difference for children and young people. Much of my work is preventative with assemblies, PSHE sessions and workshops for young people to promote their emotional wellbeing and build resilience. School staff can access ongoing CPD and coaching opportunities and there's training for professionals who work in a children-centred role. Support for parents and workshops are available in educational settings or at home.

I'm committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and to anti-racist practice. I support education settings in devising behaviour strategies that benefit young people, particularly those with special educational needs and disabilities, those who are emotionally vulnerable and those at risk of exclusion. I ensure that young voices are heard and work practically with families to ensure continuity of expectations and positive outcomes.

During the webinar I'll share:

  • The need for behavioural, social, emotional and mental health support for children and young people, including those who are vulnerable and at risk of harm or exploitation.

  • The importance of early intervention and the provision of comprehensive support that benefits pupils, school staff, educational settings, parents and professionals.

  • How the services I provide affect practical, preventative, positive and permanent change.

If you're an educator, parent, sibling, friend, carer or professional it's very likely that at least one person will benefit from you sharing just an hour of your time with me. So, on 21st or 24th January grab a drink, a notebook and a pen and I'll tell you about how I strive to help pupils, schools and parents with affecting behavioural change.

To book your place:

I'm also offering a FREE 30-minute no obligation mini-consultation to anyone who contacts me following the webinar to discuss how I can help.

Look forward to seeing you. Don't miss out on this opportunity!!

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