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Is it actually possible to burst with pride?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

If it is possible, I think I might!! 💙

I received this picture from Nurudeen's headteacher this evening. Seeing him helping another pupil with his work when he's only had 8 months of schooling himself makes me incredibly proud. I don't take for granted that this remarkable young man is living away from home for the first time, learning in English which isn't his first language and is experiencing new experiences and new challenges too.

The school is very pleased with his learning and are surprised he's made such progress. At the end of this term when his teachers assess his attainment they'll decide if he can move up to the next class. I have a feeling he will and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Nurudeen is a naturally shy boy and having such recognition would make a huge difference to his confidence.

Seeing him in this new environment reassures me that he's in the place he ought to be and that he's acquiring skills that will make a a huge impact on his future and that of his family. The picture below was taken on his first ever trip to the southern coast of Ghana. So if he's learning to do the supermarket shop as well, what more preparation for adulthood does he need? 😆

Ideally, Nurudeen will continue his education to whatever level he wants and if college and university are aspirations for him, I'd like to make a commitment to those goals. Please help support his learning if you can. Even £5.00 will make a difference. For every £100.00 donated to the fund I'll gift a book to Nurudeen's school dedicated from the person or group who contributed. Gina you're the first!! See his Just Giving page here:

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