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Sensational Saturday Shopping!!

My online shopping order arrived this afternoon. It's mainly fruit and salad. I love fruit - I'm sure I always exceed the recommended 5 a-day, or is it 7 a-day now? The salad is in a desperate attempt to hold on to the summer we didn't have!!

Anyway, getting a donation of £1.75 for the Ghana School Scholarship was the easiest part of the process. All I did was to click on the reminder that pops up when I go to the website.

£1.75 might not be much, but it's all relative. If 10 people donated that amount - to coin a phrase, you do the math - it would make much more of an impact!!

There is no catch to donating through #easyfunding as you don't have to pay a penny extra. Today it's Tesco who are footing the bill as part of their corporate responsibility and why not encourage them to do so?

Why don't you give donating through easyfundraising a try? If you're not convinced you can unsubscribe at any time and let the company you shop with contribute that donation to another cause.

Click on the link or QR code below. If you choose to sign up, it would be so appreciated and it might just help to brighten up your weekend. Hope you're having a sensational Saturday!!

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