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To Be Or Not To Be ...

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

... a CIC?

The vision for Aluna Behaviour Consultancy has always been about providing a range of services to help and support children and young people with behavioural issues. Based on my 30 years working in education it has been of valuable benefit for schools and other educational settings. However, as an unexpected but very positive outcome my work now involves more engagement within the community in and around the Birmingham area.

I'm currently working with schools, Early Help, Early Years settings and adults. I also work in collaboration with voluntary and community organisations including The Children's Society and BRIG [Birmingham Race Impact Group], among others. Regular networking events with other children-centred services has identified an interest in my work; particularly training and workshops for professionals and parents.

A consideration when supporting a range of settings and groups is funding. At the moment Aluna Behaviour Consultancy has standard fees; with discretionary reductions where appropriate. It is possible that as a CIC [Community Interest Company] external funding may be secured to support those for whom the standard fees may be prohibitive. Therefore, I'm considering continuing the business as a social enterprise.

If Aluna Behaviour Consultancy was a CIC and funded by relevant organisations rather than being a private business, would you be more likely to use its services?

  • If yes, why?

  • If no, why?

  • If it would make no difference, why?

Watch: Business Structures in The UK - 'Community Interest Companies' by Boomy Tokan

  • Would you be willing or able to support funding applications?

Please leave me a comment 👍🏽 or 👎🏽 and let me know.

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