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Do you work with young people or have teenagers of your own?

We know that there are many pressures for young people these days and, despite all of the positives, a number of adults say they wouldn't want to be a teenager in today's society. Why?

* Educational expectations and exam stress

* Materialistic demands and the cost of living

* Social media influence(r)s

* Cyber bullying

* Child Criminal Exploitation - county lines, drug trafficking

* Child Sexual Exploitation - grooming

* Gaming addiction

* Substance misuse

* Eating disorders

* Inappropriate risky behaviour

* Mental ill-health

* Social anxiety

This list is not exhaustive and if you add the impact of Covid-19, no wonder young people can find it difficult just to navigate their daily lives.

Wednesday's FREE webinar is being presented by the Charlie Waller Trust for parents, carers and professionals to gain a better understanding of their worry and anxiety and what we can do to help provide the support our young people need.

It will help to:

* Think about what anxiety means to us

* Define anxiety

* Recognise triggers that can cause anxiety

* Recognise signs and symptoms of anxiety

* Explain the cycle of anxiety

* Explain how anxiety can be treated

* Know where to go and get help if needed

To register for this event click here (or copy and paste into your browser):

Look forward to seeing you there.


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