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Nurudeen - An Update

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Time for an update about this exceptional young man. I set up a scholarship for Nurudeen to attend Modern Preparatory School, a four-hour drive from his village of Larabanga in Northern Ghana, as a boarder.

He had a few days at home from school and I was able to facetime with him. He told me that he is very happy, has great teachers and has made lots of friends. When he first got back he ran around the village telling everybody about his experiences and said he couldn't wait to go back to school!!

He has done a little over half a term and I received a copy of his first school report this week. I am sooo thrilled with the progress he's made in such a short time, particularly as his classmates have had ten more years of education than him. He has done sooo well!!

His headteacher has thanked me for supplying the school with a pupil who is intelligent!! I'm so thankful that he isn't homesick, has made some friendships – apparently he’s very popular - and is well-behaved and respectful. His parents and everyone is his village are extremely proud.

As he really enjoys reading, I’ll have some books shipped over to him so that he can read during his downtime too. I'll be travelling to Ghana in December and hope to take more learning resources for the children I'll be spending time with.

School is still in session in Ghana and he’ll be joining his class on an educational visit next week. I believe it'll be his first trip to a beach. I hope to be able to post some pics of that experience!!

If you – like me – would like to support other children in Larabanga to have a good school-based education, please donate to the Ghana Scholarship Fund.

However large or small, your contribution is much appreciated.

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