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Plenty To Keep You Busy!!

There are some great webinars, training sessions & events coming up between August & December - most of which are FREE or only £5.00!

Join my Meetup group for FREE where you can get more information and regular updates of events taking place.

If you work with children and young people or have children of your own and would like to understand more about what makes them tick, take a look at these upcoming events:

Overcoming Trauma: Getting Rid of Baggage

Adolescence, Angst & Anxiety: How to Support Young People

Poor Behaviour or Schematic Play?

Wellbeing Walk at Sandwell Valley Country Park

Virtual Dads Support Group: Autism

Same Difference Festival

Helping Disadvantaged Children Thrive

Understanding Autism

Young People, Mental Health & CCE/CSE

How Autistic People Process Information

Autism & the Teenage Brain

Shillong Chamber Choir: Raising Funds for Charity

Casting Light on the Regional Skills Challenge

Asking for Help: The Barriers and How to Overcome Them

Autism & Girls

Supporting the Mental Health of Young People with SEND

Alliancing in Health & Social Care

Contextual Safeguarding & Trauma-Related Youth Work Practice

Or take part in a family walk, go to a festival or listen to great music just for fun!!

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