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Schoolboy Star!!

The summer is over and it's soon time to start the new school year. Nurudeen is in the same position as most young people of his age, except his educational journey so far has been very different. His first ever day of school was at the end of May and he's attended for less than a term. However, he is making exceptional progress!!

His second school report shows his strongest subjects are creative art, history and Our World Our People. He'll need to continue working at RE, ICT and maths. Nurudeen's family are Muslim, so he is unlikely to be familiar with religions outside of his community. He doesn't have access to technology - not even a phone - oh my goodness I hear huge groan from most 15 year olds!! Maths, hmm, I think I have to send him some maths books as well as reading books; which he really enjoys.

As a boarder he has little excuse for not attending school each day, but he unfortunately got an infection and had to be treated by the doctor. He also took part in his first educational visit; which I've yet to hear about. I'm sure it would have been really exciting for him. I'll have to include an update.

He'll be looking forward to going back to school next week - let's hope he has a great start to the new year. I'm soooo proud of him!!

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